I dressed myself today

I did a blog about this not too long ago, but she still amazes me with the outfits she comes up with. Skylar, about 4 days ago, was being very argumentative about getting dressed, wanting to wear summer clothes. In choosing my battles wisely and conserving my energy, I told her to not come out of her room until she was dressed, warmly.
Here's her outfit. She wore it all day and was very happy and pleased. Luckily it wasn't a school day.

So in saying all that, I wanted to share this little solution I came up with a while back. I created a pin on the computer and got them made from cafepress.com. It's for her to wear on days like this, especially when we don the outfit in public. It's for both mom and child. It builds confidence and rewards the child for dressing themselves but also to let the world know that we, the mom, had NOTHING to do with it.
If this pertains to you and you would like a pin, I am selling them for $3. Just email me and I'll stick one in the mail to you. They make great gifts too! FYI, they're pretty small, so it's not too cumbersome and can be worn ALL day.

To each his own.....


  1. too cute!!!--julie freeman

  2. so I saw this pic in a mag at work with this same girl, I did not know she was famous!! :)

  3. She is adorable no matter what she wears! I love the legging/socks!!