3 of us

I'm thankful for my sisters. I'm thankful that in our adult years we are as close as I had hoped to be. I'm thankful that they are also my friends, that we get along, have fun, laugh together and carry each others burdens.
I'm thankful that they, with me, grew up knowing terms and things such as: the slick floor, brushlets, CJ's store, manure makes you grow, it's commercialing, Rusty and Touche, learning to drive in the pasture on a blue 3 wheel golf cart, daily chore of "getting the cows back in", Hossamammy, frenchies, oyster stew, and much more.
Love you two!

and a special

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  1. WOW!! That made me tear up!! Too sweet! And thanks for putting up the picture that looks like I'm taking a poop in my pants! haha!! Love you very much!! :)