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I splurged this year ($30) and followed the trend of "Elf on a Shelf". If you haven't heard of him, you purchase this elf, preferably in the set b/c it has the book that explains everything to your children (and you) in a cute rhyming story. Your family names him and he becomes "alive" and watches the children and at night flies to report to Santa. He also has a new spot every morning that the children try to find him in.
I've got to say, this has been such a treat this year. Jaden and Skylar came up with "Tinsel" for his name and that is the first thing on their minds when they wake up. And when they do find him, their excitement is contagious.
This morning is the last morning for Tinsel at our house, he goes and chills with Santa for the year until next Christmas season. So I thought I would showcase a few pictures of a few spots that Tinsel picked this year.

Digging in presents under the tree, in my christmas flowers, sissy's stocking and our with our countdown Santa.......
in our tree, hanging out with our cards, front door and in our nativity scene......and the last one he must have stolen from a blog I follow.

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  1. He looks like fun! I'm sure it brought even more excitement this year. :) I don't get it though - do you move him every day?