Goodbyn Lunchboxes

I read about these at one of my favorite blogs.  She raved about these lunchboxes.  I am adamant about "trash free lunches".  Something in me just cringes when I see all the lunches that contain juice boxes and individual chip pouches and lunchables etc.  I understand, as a parent, just how convenient they really are, but all that trash........
I've blogged on this before, but after visiting Japantown in San Fran and seeing their 'art' of packing lunches, I stocked up on small containers and have bought items in bulk for Skylar and Jaden's lunches.  But this is REALLY cool.  It's all my small containers in one!  Not even a need for a lunch bag, even though I just bought one for Skylar.
Check this out:
They're called Goodbyn Lunchbox
It even comes with its own drink bottle and it fits in there!!!! (F)
(A) easy open (B) carry handle (C) large compartment (D) sandwich halved and stacked (E) small compartments (F) drink bottle -my fav (G) dishwasher safe stickers
Check out their website: http://goodbyn.com
Their website is so nice.  They even have a section with a 3-week planner of what to pack, healthy stuff that is.  Other pdfs are available too.
They are pricey @ $24.99, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  Oh and they come with stickers to decorate and they last through the dishwasher!
Okay, any takers or lovers out there?  Lots of colors too!!
oooo, good Christmas present or birthday present!!!


  1. WOW! These are really cool! My son is only a year old but I will definitely keep these in mind. My favorite color is the green! Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

  2. I want to get a couple for the girls! G bought EC a lunchbox at Pottery barn that came with a BENTO insert so she wouldn't use baggies, etc!!! Love these though!!

  3. they have these on amazon, too, and sometimes run around $20-21. there used to be a regular square one but i can't find it anywhere.