in love

I'm head over heels in love with ETSY.COM!
I spend so many hours on this site, just getting my visual fix, my crafty itch scratched, ideas and inspiration. It literally makes me want to take up so many different arts and skills.
I know I've posted before about this, but tonight I had something in mind I was looking for.
I haven't talked about this, but I bought one of these:

So now I'm looking for a cover for it. One that I just slip it into when I have it in my car or put it in another bag, or when it's just lying in the house.
So I hit up etsy. There's only one problem, too many awesome choices. So, here I am posting them to get your feedback. Just having a little girly, surface, materialistic fun. ya?

So this first one caught my eye. I love the fabric and it has a zipper opening at the very top for the iPad and then a front pouch for charger and what now.
Click Here for Etsy Listing.

My visual love of illustrated trees, this one totally jumped out at me:
Etsy Listing - still has that front pouch and it's nicely padded inside.

I likey this one too:
Etsy Listing

And then there's this one. I really like the fact that it has the detachable wrist strap.
Etsy Listing

I'm not too keen on the fabric, but I can request it in this fabric, French Wallpaper. ooolala.

So, whatcha think? I'll be making a purchase VERY soon.

I feel like this is a pet that I'm accessorizing.


  1. You are right...too many good choices....But I think my favorite, after several minutes of studying, is the one with the trees!! Good luck on making a decision!!

  2. my personal favorite is the first one, rusty watercolors. i like the tree illustration, but not keen on the colors....if you really want to know. =)

  3. etsy.com is a dangerous place, no? :) it's so hard to tear myself away from it. my favorite is the trees (where can i get that fabric!), but the first one is really interesting and unique, too.

  4. I like the second one! julie

  5. The tree one just screams Joy. Totally.