While playing Legos, once again, with Jaden, I came up with a way to re-purpose.  It actually was a pretty exciting idea for me.  I know this sounds a little looney, but I've been looking for a napking holder that I actually like and is kid-friendly.  I had one that was an iron wire box but had a iron rod on top to hold the napkins down, well the iron rod became a weapon/toy.  It's no where to be found and the iron wire box was ripped apart.  I tried a small simple plastic plate from Ikea, but the napkins kept sliding off.  I don't like most napkin holders, they either are too cheesy looking or hold the napkins too tight and just make a mess of things.  Yeah, I know, I'm analyzing napkin holders.  I'll stop.
So here's my brilliant solution.  We'll see how long this one last.

My kid's favorite feature: that they can roll it to each other.


  1. Really, this napkin holder says so much about you!! I love it!!! Great idea!

  2. love it, love it, love it!