Etsy Find Friday

Here I am, for your weekly Etsy Find Friday.

For Christmas last year my bestie Ginine found this gift for me on Etsy.  It's quite appropriate and fitting (crow).  However, even though it has a santa hat, it stays up year round at my house b/c I love it so.
this is a really bad picture, sorry.
Today, Friday the 8th, this Etsy seller, INDIGOTWIN, is the featured seller on Etsy.  They featured this shop, have an interview with the designers etc. 
I love this shop, b/c it's quite quirky in the design, but very well executed.  I especially love the customized pieces that you can order - like the families, a little pricey for my  bank account.  Check it out.

Here are some of the cutesy quirky.
my favorite!


  1. Does that top one on the right say "Bucky"?!? Hahahaha!!! Cool stuff!

  2. LOVE these indigo girls! they mix perfect amounts of quirky, whimsy and raw talent.