I've been wanting to get some new 'props' for my business. 
Of course I went on etsy and found some really cute crocheted hats, but dang if they aren't expensive.   They also sell patterns for them as well, for less than $5 a piece.  The solicited the ladies at the church that volunteer for the prayer shawl committee and one sweet lady took me up on it and she did a FABULOUS job!  I supplied the yarn and the patterns.  Here is the outcome!

I booked these models last minute:

Also, I went with fellow friend and photographer Cindy to a great find in Concord -The Depot @ Gibson Mill-  HUGE place full of antiques and just really cool stuff.  I have been in search of old suitcases for a prop.  Well, this place actually had choices!  They're just waiting on the right child to be photographer with!

I also landed this REALLY cool velvet bench right here in good 'ol Locust, NC.  I've already used it twice and it photographs really well. 

Any other suggestions for props??


  1. Jenny has an old, metal porch swing that she just sits on the ground...I LOVE it! Love the models you booked at the last minute!!:) What cute kids and great hats!!!

  2. I am digging this blog!!!! I'm not creative, so no suggestions from me...but I love the props you have in here!!!