Re-purposing Crafts

Being out ALL week due to a little snow, I've been finding some really neat crafts online.

A few links to blogs with great re-purposing crafts.
T-shirt Pom Poms
I love my Family Fun Magazine and this was in the last issue:
Cardboard Kitchen

Check out the cabinet handles - lotion bottle tops!  And the burners - upside down plates!

Okay so I'll through in one of my own.
Again, this year for Christmas I didn't buy any wrapping!  I used paper from shipments I've gotten, junk mail, things on hand and colorings by my children.
A few gifts for example

I made these pom pom bows out of junk mailers.

Watercolor painting by Jaden.

A few visual repurposed crafts for you:
Felted Sweater Wreath

Pom Pom Flower
pom pom flower

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  1. I just happened to be on here when you posted. Love your wrapping paper. I never bought gift wrap when the kids were growing up. It was always brown or white craft paper. They painted on it...or I did, but you couldn't tell the difference between theirs as children, and mine!