Alright there peeps.  Here's one for you all.  My good friend showed me this book that her daughter in kindergarten checked out from her school library.  I was in shock!
The book is Pinkerton, Behave by Steven Kellogg.
"Pinkerton doesn't understand his owner's commands. When told to come, he jumps out the window. When asked to fetch the newspaper, he destroys it. Pinkerton's desperate owner sends him to obedience school, but he flunks out in record time. Then one night a burglar breaks into their house, and Pinkerton is able to put his bad habits to good use."

Here is the cover.  I could easily find the cover when I searched Google for it.
 But I couldn't find the next few pages at all.  Wonder why?

Did you read above the illustration?

So my friend went to the school and expressed her concern, so they took it to a committee and the committee agreed that the overall moral of the story outweighed the scary illustrations and they are keeping it in the library.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you look at this as humorous or disturbing?