Random October

Well, since I basically didn't blog the whole month of October, I thought I would post random pictures and tell a little about what was going on.  Sometimes I enjoy these more - randomness is good.

Jaden is quite avid about anything rescue - police, EMT, firemen etc.  He basically already had his costume - Sean came up with the idea to make him a tank.  So we painted a 2 liter Coke bottle yellow.  I drilled a hole in the cap and the sides - for the straps and hose.  We then drilled a hole into his mask and connected the hose.  He was set.  Cutest lil' fireman I ever saw.

Skylar came up with the idea of Smurfette and she had a vision too.  She talked Nana into buying the wig (I was going to make the hair out of yarn).  I had some felt fabric for an old photography backdrop that I pulled out.  I cut out a half circle, folded it in half and stitched down the side.  Voila, it makes a smurf hat.  We bought the face paint - specifically for costume smurf.  I traced out a dress for her, cut some holes, stitched down the sides, cut the bottom and drew on some black ovals.  Dress done.  We then dyed the gloves, tights and tshirt.  $5 pink flats from Walmart spray painted white. 
I loved going back to the homemade costumes rather than spending a small fortune on a store bought.  I enjoyed the time Skylar and I spend planning and making this one.

This took a miracle to get, but I did!!!  It's going in their spot in the kitchen as an 11x14.

Playdate with the boy cousins:
Ethan who was quite excited about his Halloween costume.

My nephew Wesley, who learned to absolutely LOVE the slide.

NEVER a dull moment with these two.

My pretty sweetheart in the car.
This cool contraption was in the Learning Store and Jaden took right to it.  I wanted to document the beginning of him learning to write.
Like every other kid in a 50 mile radius, we visited River Bend Farms on a field trip. 

Jaden's friends Emma and Livvy.

Skylar's school had a fundraiser where they got sponsors for laps that they ran. 
The teachers would mark them off on the back of their Tshirts.  She ran the full 35! 
This was her brother supporting her the whole time.

Jaden and I working on his costume.

My fashionista modeling for me at 6:30 in the morning.


  1. Love lots of things about this post!!!!!!! (Especially the pic of your two together!! WOW!)

  2. I'm going to have to say this is probably one of my favorite posts by you!!! Loved the randomness!!!!