Honduras Part 5

On our last full day in Puerto Lempira, after working and visiting Mama Tara's we traveled over to another orphanage.  I hesitate to call it an orphanage, b/c they are all family.  A tragedy struck, 2 moms that were sisters died with cancer leaving all their children.  So the other sisters took all them on and they live, all 18 of them, in a one room home.

18 people live in this one room house!  Look at it! At one point they were all sleeping on the floor, but a team came down and built them 2 sets of bunk beds that are 3 high and hold the equivalent of 2 doubles per level.  When we visited, the place was spotless and kempt. Can you imagine yourself living in this house with you aunts and cousins galore?  And be happy?

Well they are some of the happiest people I've ever met and dreams......they have them, big ones!

They are mostly older kids, in their teens, and they put on a presentation for us.  They told about their dreams and aspirations they hope to achieve "only with God’s help".  Two of them were leaving shortly to attend medical school!! [update - they have already left]  They wanted to be lawyers, system engineers, math teachers etc.
It may look little and disheartening from the outside, but there is much love, joy and it’s just bursting with hope. 
They are also resourceful in that they make baskets with natural items that they find right around their house and sell them to support their daily needs.
Such as:
This basket was made out of pine needles and found trash.  They make many different size baskets some with handles and many other things.  So resourceful it's inspiring.  I make so many trips to Hobby Lobby and AC Moore just to "create" something and yet, this.......

You can see one set of bunk beds in the back corner.  They do have one wall outlet, as you see the keyboard was plugged in, we saw really no other modern convenience. 
They too, were fitted with TOMS shoes and were so excited to have them.  They said they were going to keep them clean and use them as "Sunday church shoes". 

I borrowed these pictures from a teammate of mine, but I wanted to show how clean and neat they were and how they utilized the tiny space that they had. 
Behind them were their clothes neatly folded and stacked.  You can also see right behind of our worhsip leader, Adam, the pots and baskets that they make. 

Here they are with their TOMS:

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