Of course, like most of my ideas, I saw this on Pinterest.  It was also on familyfun.com. 

I sat down with the kids and did a craft with them for their school valentines.

I picked up a package of foam sheets at Walmart [$4] & big lollipops at Family Dollar [$2].  I had the exacto knife and cutting mat.
I found a template at this blog: BLONDE
I tweaked theirs alot, but for the life of me could not figure out how to post a download option for my template creation.  Oh Well.

So here is the foam sheets.  Black, Brown and Light Brown for the mustaches and red, pink and dark pink for the lips:

Then I had the kids trace the mustaches and lips cut out of the paper onto the foam.  Great way to get them involved.  Some were pretty crooked but I was the one cutting.....

It really went fast and the cutting was a cinch.

Next, I cut a little 'X' in the middle and the kids inserted the lollipops.

My cuties modeling:

There is also some cute tags to attached at the blog I posted above.


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  1. This looks like fun!! Maybe I will try it next year. I did "hugs and kisses" with Hershey Kisses instead.