In my travel to Haiti, it was a little overwhelming to me the shear amount of inspirational people I came into contact with.  In such a small country, in a small village, I was touch and blessed repeatedly over the course of the week I spent there.  There is no way of communication that I could possibly relate the impact to anyone.
I tried, through how I communicate, my pictures, gallery shows.
We had a wonderful fella on our team by the name of Paul.  He had a natural eye for photography and journalism.
He put together this amazing video of a remarkable lady, Jane Chalker.  Jane is from Highlands, NC and has been visiting and helping in Cange, Haiti for 11 years now.  She graciously opened up her home in Cange for our team to stay.  She really is an icon of hope in this village.  Her house is located on a hill just up from the school where we taught.  The kids love her and you should see them flock to her!  She has such a quiet spirit and her love just exudes. I think I can speak for my team in that we learned and followed Jane's lead the entire week we were there.  She was informative in showing us the needs, yet let us experience Cange in our own way as well.

Please enjoy as I feel Paul captured Jane and the children of Cange spot on.

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  1. Lovely... (and she pronounces Haiti like I used to :))