Jaden 18 months

Jaden hit 18 months and I wanted to get some pictures of him and of course share.... He's a little ham. Of course he knows the word 'cheese', but that's also what he calls my camera. Go figure. He's doing awesome! He loves school ('cool'), he goes 3 days a week from 9-1 and has the best teachers! He wears his Cars backpack and walks to his classroom. Oooo, I'll try and get a picture of that and update this entry with it.
I feel like he hit 18 months and all of a sudden added 50 words to his lexicon and putting two of them together. Just this morning he took my hand and said 'elmo' and led me to the TV. He can say 'bir bir' (big bird) and 'cookie' and do the mouth motion of cookie monster, 'yum yum yum'.
He's so happy, LOVES being outside, riding his battery operated 4 wheeler, loves to play with his cars.
Jaden's a bit like his mommy in the way, he always has to have things in their proper place. If there is a drawer or door open, he'll make a detour across the room to slam it shut. Things have to go 'back' meaning where he got them from or where they belong. I love that about him.
Okay, I'm sure you're bored to tears by now. So here are the pictures:

i have to tell about this picture. Jaden love horses! He calls them 'wobbies'. So when we walk outside, he starts calling them, even the little noise that you make to call a horse (you know what i mean if you ever been around a horses). If they happen to come he'll tear off running and scream 'wobbies!!!'. It's the sweetest thing. Here he's pointing at them telling me for the thousandth time that they are 'wobbies'.

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  1. He is so precious!!! I love the little stories about him. It's not boring!

  2. Love Love Love those blonde curls and the picture of the back of him on his four wheeler!!!

  3. Oh, and I am now posting on my BLOG!!!

  4. gosh, he's so big and so cute! i can't believe we've never met. i think he'd like me.

  5. I love this blog! He;s growing so fast and I hate that I can't see his every move...I really really REALLY enjoyed them this weekend! Something in Novemeber I'm coming to spend a weekend!