The other day I had Skylar draw me some new pictures to replace some of older artwork I have in frames. The first one, she drew her family. I love the way she puts thought into each character. DaDa with no hair, Mommy with big, curly hair, Jaden with one curly on the top and then Skylar, "higher up, b/c I'm taller". I love to see her concentration and perspective on things. The second one, I asked her to draw something that she really likes, but she wanted to do something that I really liked, so I asked her what is something I really like? Ummmm, the black crowes. duh. She was quiet for a while and then showed up with this awesome drawing! The reason I call it awesome, well the obvious proud mom, but the understanding of placement in this drawing. She has the 2 brothers/singers on the stage and then sean (no hair) and me (curly) down below watching, but with our backs showing. Also, she thought to incorporate spotlights and drew them wonderfully. I asked her how she knew about the spotlights...."well, i saw them at the wiggles show and i just thought that they had to be at the black crowes show". "the singer one has a microphone and the other has his guitar". okay well, if you're not impressed, just give the courtesy smile and mumble to yourself, that's great joy.
here they are:


  1. i love it! great colors she chose, too.

  2. absolutely amazing...I'm speechless!

  3. I am TOTALLY impressed! I remember when Brandon was in kindergarten, a little boy drew a telephone with lines out from it as if the phone were ringing....I remember thinking WOW! And now THIS...she really pays attention to detail! A photographer in the future??????

    angela conklin

  4. I love these!! She has quite the artistic heart! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Adorable...so cute how her mind works!!