off to school(s)

I was told my life/outlook would become very different and better in the fall! And oh my, did it. My kiddos started school! Skylar started Kindergarten at Bethel Elementery and Jaden started preschool at First Baptist in Locust. He goes 3 times a week, 9-1. I feel as though I can breathe again! I actually can form a thought and complete a task, the simplest ones! I'm enthralled! They too, are doing great! Skylar loves learning and comes home looking forward to her homework. She rides the bus home, upon her insistance. Jaden is gradually moving out of his clingy, can't play by himself stage. He loves his teachers! Here are a couple pictures from their first days.

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  1. I know you have some sanity now that you have "me" time. Congrats on growing two kids big and eager to learn! :)