links of stuff i like......

i have some favorite websites......they're pretty random, but I thought I would at least share some links. So hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of them.

First off, I LOVE THIS ARTIST!!! i found her cards in Target and then found her website and fell in love with her stuff. She's obviously getting bigger b/c now her stuff is featured in several stores and she's moved beyond cards! I love her whimsical, Japanese style. Very free and light!
and more of her product stuff is here.

A friend of mine had this great purse and I found the website in which this girl sells them. She's actually out of Hickory, NC. She has her store there, hopefully one day I'll make it there! They're called Nest Bags. www.nestbags.com

Here's one I've been enjoying. I found the magazine in the doctor's office where I get my allergy shots, so I'm there once a week. It's Family Fun. I went to their website and it's packed with pretty neat stuff. Not too cheesy.

Here's a magazine that I get. They were "green" before there was the term "green". Ready Made http://readymade.com/

Here's another artist I love. He does a lot of music gig posters, yes he does some of the Crowes posters. Very talented! Marq Spusta http://marqspusta.com/

What websites do you love and visit often?


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  2. Just found this super cool frame place. LOVE IT! Want one! (sorry.. the link is kinda long) http://magnoliaretail.cameoez.com/Scripts/PublicSite/index.php?userid=&template=ShowCat&cat=277540

  3. Those are def. cute bags on "Nest", pricey but pretty!

  4. ummm..websites I like? At my age you check the obituaries every day to see if you're in it!