cel phone plea

okay, so my son completely demolished my cel phone.  i'm not eligible to purchase one through Verizon at reduced prices.  So here is where my plea comes in.
I've looked on ebay, but I'm completely overwhelmed.  Does anyone have any 'hookups' or knowledge or avenues or ANYTHING?
I'm trying to keep cost down here and don't want anything fancy.


  1. Jason just went through this today. His phone broke and he got a brand new one for 60 bucks. We have sprint service. They had a phone they had been holding for someone who never came to get it. When that happens, after so many days, they sell them for $60. Maybe you can do that.....hopefully!

  2. i know this is really late and i'm sure you've gotten one already, but i've seen alot of people offering and requesting used phones on freecycle.org. maybe you could try there?