some old photos

Well....they're not too old. The reason I'm posting is that my mom has this first one hanging in her office and she tells me all the time how many comments she gets on it! Multiple a day...(well she has lots of people in and out of her office), but it made me go back and look at that group of pictures I took when I took this one. They capture and tell a story more than I realized. It's funny how I'll take the time to take the shots, edit and tweak them, export them out of Lightroom, organize them in the right folders and what not and then not look at them again for ages. Just move on to the next set. I do have this one hanging up in my house, but you know how something's in your house and you walk by it 100x a day, you don't notice it. Well, I've taken on a new appreciation for these photos now. Just a little personal thing, but I thought I would share them with you, you know, like hanging them up so you all can see them. These really capture a lot about their little relationship they have. It evens captures Star's (who turns 11 this month). Anywho, hope you enjoy and allowing me to 'hang' them for you.

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  1. these are too cute!! sorry I am behind on posting--getting caught up on everyone. They grow toooo fast. see you soon--julie