Well, I've been informed that I need to update my blog, a-hem cindy. I know I do, I literally haven't had any well formed thoughts as of late to write. I've thought about it many times at night when the kids are down, but my eyes get foggy and I drift off and start reading Facebook.
Our lives have run the same track here lately. I'm definitely not complaining about that. I'm actually praising and thanking God for what we do have, these times we are in makes me feel so humbled before Him. I've enjoyed the challenge of rethinking and getting creative with the uses of what we have and stretching our dollars in ways its never been. I've been shown how many things I don't "have" to have. I literally walk through Target with a brand new perspective and I like it. They're just "things", can't take them with you.
Well, well, looked at those formed thoughts above.
Okay, updates. Halloween was a blast. I found Skylar's costume for like $5 ( a kitty fairy) and knew she would use it over and over. The girl likes to dress up and play the part. Jaden was a ninja, he even added a "hi ya" and a kick to it. Then we headed to our great friends/neighbors house for a hotdog roast/dinner. From there 12 kids hopped on Sean's 'ol blue' truck with a neighbor's trailer attached and we headed off throughout the neighborhood. The kids had SO much fun, especially Sky. Saturday night we headed to our church for it's festival. They again dressed up, but the costumes were ruined from the night before. Alas, we had backups. A borrowed Elmo suit and another Ariel costume, we were set. The church had games, hay rides, dinner, Cake Walk (which we won), and Trunk or Treat. Again, another full night of fun for the kiddos. Of course, I have pictures.

a link to more http://gallery.me.com/joy_liz/100108


  1. woo hoo!! i love to read your well formed thoughts. thanks for sharing!


  2. I check frequently for updates and am always amazed at your writings. Keep it up.