Desktop Wallpaper Clocks

I've discovered that I really dig whimsical illustrations! I mean REALLY dig it. I think it started with the cards I found at Target by Masha D'yans, I did a post on here a while ago. Also, in that post, I talked about Marq Spusta, another great illustrator who has done a lot of work for the music industry with posters and such for, The Black Keys, Marc Ford, the Crowes, Wide Spread Panic, My Morning Jacket etc. The obsession also grows b/c I spend time on istock.com for inspiration and ideas. Lately I've found that changing my wallpapers on my screen helps keep things fresh at my computer. I was looking around for some cool illustrations to use as wallpaper and I found this site, Vladstudio. It has wallpaper clocks! Sorry if I'm behind on the times, but the wallpaper displays the time and date, which I found pretty neat! Mac and PC users can use this application and most of them on the website are FREE! The site features way more then just wallpaper clocks, so check it out. Here are some examples:

If you are at all interested in this post here are some additional links:

Hope you Enjoy some new wallpaper.



  1. how neat! i'm going to check them out right now since both kids are napping at the same time!!

  2. Sweet! I love these and they remind me of you. Like they look like you designed them. Thanks for sharing!!!