Best Friends

best of friends...... skylar has a friend in the neighborhood and they are the best of friends, they have been for several years. They are both in kindergarten at Bethel, go to the same church, daisy's together (young Girl Scouts), and just walk to each other houses. Pretty neat, eh? I did a session for Katie's family the other day and managed to sneak in a couple of the two of them. Aren't they fun?

katie also has a little brother, just like skylar. here is the whole crew hanging out on the pasture fence.

aren't best friends fun? i know i enjoy mine (G & C)!


  1. That first picture of them jumping is just too cute!!! I love the facial expression and excitement!! looking forward to seeing you soon. jbf

  2. jbf, how mysterious of you to only use your initials! ha ha ha... i look forward to seeing the both of you soon. fabulous pics as always miss j, i can't believe how big katie's brother is already!

  3. I know....I am so slack- I registered and as usual cant remember my password etc- not uncommon for me. So I wanted to put jb, but as you know, I had to give in and use the real "jbf" !!!!
    see you girls sat!!!

  4. Having been around these friends I know some of their differences. It shows in these pics as well: Skylar in her girly fru fru and Katie in her jeans. I love how best friends "compliment" each other! Good pics as usual which show life in action as it is. Good job.

  5. Great pictures. Skyler will love having these when she gets older. I FINALLY remembered to add you to my blogroll so I will know everytime you update!!!

    Miss Angelove