ETSY - wow I could spend all day on this site. I LOVE IT! I am in the market for a pocketbook and I'm pretty picky about mine. They have to be functional, comfy (top priority), not too big, have divider pockets, mid size handles where it hangs just perfectly under my arm, oh and it can't look like a "designer" purse..... So, insert Etsy, handmade products, earthy feel bingo.
Take a look at some of the awesome items out there on etsy.
Purses First:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this designer! I would love to go on a shopping spree in her store!
Her Etsy Link: TreeHouse28 Check her out!

Explore Etsy and then post here what great find you came upon! I would LOVE to know.

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  1. i'm crazy 'bout ETSY too! i think this christmas might be an etsy christmas :) i just like to look around, but my friend Lori has a vintage clothing shop called FOXlor... really creative stuff.