Chocolate Milk

Jaden and his fellow 2 yr old cousin visited the grandparents this weekend. They were playing outside and eyed a puddle of mud. They would run by looking at it, and get closer each time, testing the Nana and Papa. Finally, Nana gave in and they played in this mud puddle, otherwise know as "chocolate milk" in 2 yr old lingo. They played in it for 2 hours! I guess the ever forbidden mud puddle was worth it!
Things fly at grandparents house that are unthinkable at home! I grew up that way eating "frenchies" (french fries) at anytime of the day we wanted them. Skylar enjoyed ice cream for breakfast and several other times during the weekend. Fun times. Can't wait to spoil mine and throw all this teaching and proper raising to the wind.


  1. looks like something sean and jeremy would have pulled off a handful of years ago. =) ha ha as i type tessa is "painting" with her yogurt. i'm just exhausted today and if it keeps her busy for 15min then i guess i'm a sucker today!

  2. LOVE this post...It's what I enjoy so much about being a Nonny and a Miss Angelove!

  3. amen and amen to looking forward to throwing proper raising to the wind! such cute little boys. it's so great that they live close enough together to grow up together.