I got the crafty bug. Sometimes I really don't like the fact that if I see something somewhere, I think, "I can make that". The problem is, I have to do it and get it out of my system. I saw some adorable tshirts on etsy.com for toddlers. They were simple, applique ties, monsters etc. So I tried my hand at two. Granted they are my very first attempts and hopefully my technique will get better. I have a few others in mind that I want to try.
The first I did was a daddy's neck tie tshirt. I thought these were so cute on esty.com. It took hardly any fabric and Jaden had some solid hand me down tshirts already. So this is what came of it:
It's a pretty simple process. I bought some no sew adhesive, bonded it to the shirt and then stitched around the sides with my sewing machine. Pretty cute, huh?

The second shirt was more involved. I took 3 old washcloths and cut out the pieces, the green head, the eyes and the teeth. I again used the no sew adhesive and then stitched around the sides. I used a zig zag stitch for the top of the mouth, added 2 buttons for the eyes and then just hand stitched the antennas with embroidery thread. What do you think?

Next up, a shirt for Skylar and some neck tie onesies.


  1. JOOOOOYYY....these are great!! difference btw you and me: i see something really cool and put it on a "one day i'll do that" list but you actually DO it. fabulous.

  2. Oh How Great!! Love BOTH of them!!

  3. love them both - especially the monster one!! now, only if you'll do that for my little man... :)

  4. that monster shirt is adorable! good idea to use the washcloths.

  5. i have that same list Ginine! Great job Joy! So cute!