I'm being brave this summer. Neither of my children will be in a summer "school". The local ones around just didn't work out in some way or another. I did however, start one up with a friend of mine from church. It'll be just one day a week, Mondays, for the entire summer from 9 - 1. It's basically free, you just sign up to keep it once during the rotation of summer.
Anywho.......So having them here with me ALL DAY LONG, I've tried to be very diligent in having a planned activity or "summer to do's" as I call it, but not overloaded with them. I'm really enjoying their ages more and more. Don't get me wrong, Jaden is a full blown 2 year old, but I'm actually able to do activities with them and they understand directions (to a point). I'm trying to take advantage of local, free things such as: farms w. pick your own fruit, parks, the library, crafts w. the neighborhood girls, outside water play, etc. My other feat is to document it! So, I'm going to try and use this blog to help do that. I hope you all don't get bored with our daily "summer to do" reports.

Here we are doing one of the first "to dos" of the summer: PAINTING

Using the stored egg cartons, as I posted in my "reuse" blog. They were very focused in the beginning.
Just throwing in an aerial fisheye shot.
She quickly had her whole picture planned out. Focused.

He's wearing sissy's old smock made from an old towel. He's losing focus here, trying different angles......
continuing to lose it, now he's moved on to another "canvas".......
whoops, sissy saw and wanted to try it too.....
nose itch. and all focus is gone. clean up time.

End Results: Jaden
and Sky's......(purple sky, sun, handprint, flower, butterfly, catepillar, heart smiley and green grass).
Proudly displayed. Little reminders of how blessed we are. Just two of the many little things that truly make my soul sing.

Cheers to the summer!

QUESTION: What are your little plans for the summer?


  1. Joy, i envy that they even get paint on the paper. we tried it this morning...the activity last about 2 or 3 minutes and took me an hour to clean up.

    since preschool has been out some fun things we've done are: a picnic lunch with daddy uptown, discovery place (we have a guest pass for 5 people if you ever want to join us), a visit to the fire station, imaginon library, a train ride (not really that fun with a one year old and a baby), plaza fiesta near carowinds, lazy 5 ranch, and lots of playing in the yard and driveway. we also want to hit up ikea and take a few trips to camp.

    hope you continue to have a fun summer.

  2. Joy---my summer sounds like hers...we are doing field trips on friday and filling the week with free stuff...park, library, pool, farmers market etc.
    Field trips include:
    Dan Nichols, Discovery, Charlotte Raptor Center, Charlotte Nature, Ed Venture, Charlotte Metro zoo, lazy 5, Stowe gardens, Kid Senes etc...you are welcome to tag along. Julie b

  3. I absolutely love this...I'm taking note for my future with little ones running around....thanks for sharing!! Continue to spread your "summer to dos" please!

  4. I don't have much to add that hasn't been said, except that Regal Cinemas is having their summer free movie festival, and you can take the kids to a movie at 10am for free tuesdays and wednesdays. All of their showings are on their website. Also, i live literally about 10 minutes from Lazy 5 ranch, so if anyone wants to go, I'm in!