Jaden He's two. He's a he. frus.trat.ing.

frustrate /frústrayt/ v.tr 1. make (efforts) ineffective. 2. prevent (a person) -mommy- from achieving a purpose
1 counteract, nullify, negate 2 defeat, forestall, stop, halt, cripple, hinder

Albeit, he's tough, tiring, whiny, time consuming and needy, oh how I love this little boy and his cute ways!
He makes me smile and laugh even in the toughest situations. Jaden is such a happy being. Truly, naturally just happy. It's contagious.

I love: his little toes and flat feet. the way he outeats everyone in the house in the mornings. he wakes up thinking about breakfast. "mommy i ont panpakes". he'll literally eat 3 pankcakes, a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of yogurt for breakfast. the way he sings "he we go home, home, home, here we go home, home home" over and over and over and over ANYTIME we get in the car. he inserts wherever we're going in the song. therefor always having to know where we're going and what's coming next. "where next mommy?"
I love the way he tells us to dance to the music when in the car, the way he cups his hand by his ear when he hears something, like a bird or firetruck. "hear dat mommy?"

He has a train set he got for Christmas. He loves to help put it together and then he'll sit and play with it for a long time. He has the control of forward and backwards, blocks go in and out, different people drive..........

Jaden's treat are suckers. LOVES THEM. Sometimes it's termed "candy". However, I will get down the candy jar and he'll search for the perfect one. This is his search position every time.
At any point during the day, you ask Jaden what he wants to do and it'll most definitely be, "I ont a swang". Swinging is his passion. I so want to invent an automated attachment that you put on outdoor swingsets that swing your toddlers for you.
He always amazes me with his focus. The boy is FOCUSED. I have no idea where he gets it from...(ahem). He will clean up all his toys, sit and put a plethora of puzzles together, eat dinner/lunch all by himself at the table, makes sure every drawer and door are closed completely, Star's small bits of food are put back in her bowl. It's just amazing to me the focus of this 2 year old.
These past few days with him being an only child in the house have been so fantastic. It's always special when you get to have one on one time. He's such a communicator and loves routine! Has to have things in certain orders, like bath, tv, book, bed. Please don't mix them up.
Yes, he spits, hits, kicks, throws, but it all makes it him.

From this......
to this big boy, who just in the past couple of weeks moved to a big boy bed, pee pee'ed on the potty and threw away his passys on his very own!

What character trait in your kids/grandkids do you just want to bottle up and keep forever?


  1. Okay, I think I just got teary eyed on that last little comment...from this to this....how fast they grow amazes me! I remember it like yesterday, I missed his birth! Haha! He's a special child and I'm proud to be his aunt! Can't wait to see what the future holds for both Jaden and Skylar!!

  2. What a great post, Joy! What a precious boy! Wow, in a big boy bed, going potty and threw away paci....good grief girl, what more could you want??!!

    Traits I would love to see in my grands: good manners, a loving heart towards others and a heart for Nonny and Poppy and Jesus!!!