Movie @ the Library

BYOL Movie @ the Library
At the beginning of the summer I searched the Mecklenburg County Library website for things they were offering this summer. I actually came up with several "summer to dos".

BYOL (bring your own lunch) and watch a movie was the first on the list. This time the movie was Wall•E. So I took the neighborhood quad, Abigail, Katie, Skylar and Karrah. They had a blast and were so well behaved. I will say I benefited too. I got to quietly sit out in the library and read a magazine and my book while they watched. Win-Win.


  1. Cute picture!! There are lots of free things to do if you have a great mom like you who cares enough to look for them! Have a fun summer!

  2. Sounds like fun for both of you!!! What a great idea.