Summer To Do - Bubbles/Outside

Summer To Do - Bubbles & Outside Everyday we go outside for a while, ALWAYS per Jaden's request. "I wan wang" (I want to swing) That boy LOVES to swing. They love bubbles too. So I bought a big thing of different bubbles blowers and we all went outside for a test drive. Yes, I said, "we all". One of our best investments was a water table. If you don't have one for your little ones, I HIGHLY suggest it. It's suppose to be a sand and water, but we skipped the sand part. We just use yogurt containers, small tupperware pieces, measuring cups and misc items. Their imaginations go wild. Skylar has spas with different oils, Jaden plays cars, Skylar makes soups, Jaden waters the flowers. Sometimes I even get in a mini photo session for my PCS children (Photographer Child Syndrome aka not liking their picture taken). Hope you enjoy!

Another routine this summer is, everytime we're outside they ask for "Icee-pop". They love to shout what color they want. What I also find funny about it, is everytime Jaden gets one he heads to one spot, our outdoor swing. We did this one time and now it's like "icee-pops" and the swing just go hand in hand. He'll disappear after getting it, but I know exactly where he is.

What is your daily outside enjoyment?


  1. We (they) love to go outside and play in our cud-de-sac. I swear it is the only place on earth where I will say - "go play in the street!" Who knew when we bought this house (pre-kids) that the cul-de-sac would be such a lifesaver.

    Hannah rides her scooter for hours and Austin just toddles around wherever he can.

    I love hearing about your days... just wish we could be a part of them! Please let me know when you are free this week!! :)

  2. the ledbetter family enjoys a walk together every evening after dinner. tess and julian in the wagon and miles on his bike. ripley on his leash. it's actually a nice quiet time where bryan and i can carry on a normal conversation for more than 30 seconds!