Summer To Do - Science & Asheville

Being the freak of a fan that I am, I planned a trip to Asheville the other day to get tickets at the box office for an October concert. So I decided to make it a little day trip for Skylar and myself. We stopped in Shelby @ a friends house for the night and got up early the next morning and headed out. It was well worth it, I got front row center tickets, yeah baby.........but I digress. We had a great time. We just walked along a few streets and went into some neat shops. She wanted to go into the book store and headed straight for the kids section. She immediately found a "kit" book with a human body, plastic with rubber organs and body parts. I told her if she still wanted it at the end of the day then we would come back. Well she kept to it and didn't see anything else that suited her fancy. So we got it and she's taken to it way more than I thought she would. Skylar can be in la-ti-da land for most of her waking hours but when it comes to science - animals and human biology or just science in general then she's quite in tune. I have to say, I learned a few terms with this kit and some functions I wasn't aware of. Go figure.

Here's a few from our Asheville trip:

She hung outside with these statues while I waited in line for the tickets. She especially took to the little girl.
We ate at a really quaint restaurant, Early Girl Cafe, and luckily they had brown paper as tablecloths and provide a glass of crayons so we played tic tac toe, skylar edition with butterflies and flowers instead of X's and O's.
Classic Skylar.
Now comes in the "Summer To Do" I pulled this idea off of another blog, but it came about so naturally. After I saw this activity, I checked out a couple books from the library to help us out. I just got a roll of paper that we've had and outline traced both Jaden and Skylar. Then we filled in the rest of the body with organs, bones and muscles. I did Jaden's as an example and Skylar completely did her all on her own. I thought it was a neat activity so they (her) could visualize the size of the organs in her own body. We made fists and traced those for the hearts. Skylar wanted to do one half the skeletal system and the other the muscular. It's amazing what they retain. We definitely used her "kit" and book to guide us. I love her learning something and then practicing it in a different way. Loved this and really enjoyed it.

Here's the "kit". It came with tweezers and forceps. Oh and the "Organ•izer". Get it? Ha.
Yes, they are even squishy and the intestines unravel out.

Do you know the names of the 2 bones that make up the lower half of your legs?


  1. OH----I do, I do, I do!!! The Fibula and the Tibia...am I right? I am absolutely just blown away by this blog! That's sad that my 6 year old niece knows more than I do!! Good for her! She just fascinates me more and more each day!! I'm really enjoying these...and I'm checking it everyday, so keep up the updates!!!! I love 'em!!!

  2. you're such a good mommy. no wonder she left you that message on flip. =) can't wait to see you on sat, i'll even give you a weak hug. ha

  3. Love it, love it!! Please don't ever stop the blog.

  4. I LOVE Early Girl Cafe'!!!!

    What a fun girl;s trip!! Skylar seems so much like YOU!!!

  5. Sky is going to be a nurse like her aunt Wee-Wee! :) I'll teach her everything I know.