We go from scribble, scribble, scribble to BAM! I walk over and see this! I think Star was amazed too! She's looking on in wonder from the corner. He's 2 1/2!

I asked him what it was and he said, "a ghost". This ghost came complete with a circle for a head, 2 eyes and "yegs" (legs). sidenote: he watches a lot of scooby doo episodes, hence the ghost.

And then the ghost had arms!

I just had to post this about him. He really is a rough and tumble boy, but this melts a momma's heart.
He got this puppy dog in a happy meal and they are best buddies. His name is "puppy dog". I asked to take a picture and 'puppy dog' HAD to be in it - see him, sitting there beside him?
I think he picks this up from Skylar. She's very dear and caring to her animals (stuffed that is), unlike not feeding or caring for the hermit crabs we so generously acquired.

"See 'puppy dog' mommy? He's smiling"?

he rides the 4 wheeler with him.

gives out loves to him,

and off they go on the 4 wheeler (see him there on the back?)


  1. He seriously must have some of your artistic mind. Brandon couldn't draw that until he was 12...or 30!

  2. way to go JJ! Tessa is still obsessed with circles. =)

  3. They did come from you....the almighty creative one! I love this!!!

    And the dog thing...makes me very proud!!