Skylar: "We're going to this? That's the fair? Oh." (in a disappointed tone)

We went to the mountains a couple weekends ago to visit family and they were having their county fair. So we all loaded up, nana, papa, both my sisters, one brother-in-law, a nephew, sean and our kids. We were all a little, "woohoo" in a very sarcastic way. But when we got the kids their all inclusive ride bands, this is what we saw:

non-stop laughter! They couldn't contain themselves. So precious.

Jaden stands like this a majority of the time, and I've always wanted to capture it! He was patiently waiting for his turn.

This is the same gal who said said " That's the fair?" A squeaky hammer, a stuffed raccoon and a goldfish (Mr. Bubbles)! What more could you want out of the Alleghany fair?

The next day my family took a picnic trip to the parkway @ Cumberland Knob. Sean rode his bike and met us there.
You don't see this everyday:
My sister, 8 months preggo throwing a softball and I don't mean lobbing it.

We all agreed Ethan needs this all the time.

A little hike.
Skylar quietly went away and called papa with my phone.
Stinker. Of course, Papa played along well!

I loved the goofy one much more than the stiff one - this is more them.
Love them.

Good Times, Good Times.


  1. love the whole blog!!!

  2. Arge (again)9/10/2009 4:49 PM

    And don't forget that the "do-dos" at KFC didn't give us any plates!! Goofy Dad!

  3. Love love love your blog!!!