I'm thankful for my neighbors.
We live in a semi-neighborhood. One street with a tiny side street/cul-de-sac. But of the handful of houses that are on our street, we are close with a lot of them.
Skylar is able to just walk to 3 different friends houses when she wants to play. I am completely comfortable with her at any of them and know they are good families.
One of my dear neighbors, whom I love talking art with, just starting holding 'art in the basement' on Thursday nights. She has things for the neighbor kids to do, but any adult can come and work on things. Tonight I went and it was good to put my mind at ease for an hour.
Another neighbor just called and offered up clothes to Skylar b/c her daughters out grew them. Two of these same neighbors have 13 year old girls that I just adore. Becca and Becca Lynn. They babysit for me a lot, clean and straighten up my house, organize books and shoes in my kids rooms, all b/c they just want to. They are the sweetest things and I love having them over!
There are many more and I'm so grateful that I could call on them anytime.
I just am very thankful for where I live.


  1. Girl! You sure are blessed...having wonderful neighbors is HUGE!! I remember as a child having close neighbors...wonderful memories for me...and it's great that your children will have delightful childhood memories with their family and neighbors as well...that doesn't happen often anymore these days...lovely post!

  2. Makes me wish I had neighbors (sometimes).