yesterday and today

Ha. After yesterday and today, for different reasons, I am thankful for my/our upcoming trip to San Fran. I love that place for many reasons. One of my favorite peoples lives out there, my cousin Leigh.

My favorite band is playing at the famous Fillmore for a 5 night run (3 of which I get to see) there. This will be my 3rd time to the Fillmore! In seeing my favorite band, I get to see my super great friends, 2 couples, that do what we do and love what we love. We meet up all over the country (CA, SC, NC, PA, NY, CO, NV, VA, WV, GA) and we have the most fun with each other. I feel sometimes I see them more often than some of my local friends. They are dear.
It's beautiful and laid back. The architecture is so quaint.

It's artsy and music oriented.
The Golden Gate park (where my banner photo was taken) is stunning!
(Golden Gate Park in August 2005)
I even love the marine life of the bay area. The greens are so green too!

I get to do 2 photo sessions, hopefully more, while I'm out there too! I've done 2 sessions for this little fella on previous trips.
(1 year session)
(his newborn session)
and of course my lil Mia (Leigh's daughter)
I get to vacation! Stay in a nice hotel, the same hotel as last time, but way updated. It's in Japantown, which is very cultured! There were these Japanese shops that I just adored. A hardware store, stationery w. a bunch of oragami stuff, a store with lots of trinkets like little saki dishes etc. Oh I look SO forward to it.
I even look forward to the down time on the plane rides! To just sit, stare, sleep, read, sudoku......

I combined yesterday and todays post b/c well, the kids were obnoxious and did not allow me to post yesterday and today the photography workload reminded me of my getaway!

14 DAYS and counting down!


  1. Great post...sounds like you are going to have a ton of fun! Your photos are nothing short of awesome...of course! Thanks for sharing, Joy. xoxo - k

  2. Take me with you!!

  3. You know, I'm just now reading this AFTER your trip, and I just love it!! :) Hope your trip was all you looked forward to.