Dang it. I missed a day.
Saturday night I photographed the Charlotte Humane Society Gala in downtown, excuse me, uptown. It was definitely a 'to do'. There were 300+ people and 40 dogs there. It was a little inspiring to see that many people come out for their cause that they believe in. I was talking to a friend there, she's the one that recommended me to photograph it, and she was telling me about her volunteering efforts. It was totally not in a bragging way, she really believed in the organizations that she works for and asked the question, 'look at all i have, what excuse do i have not to give a little something?'. That really struck me, we do all have so much and yet we make so many excuses on why we can't give and help out.
So what's your excuse? I know I have many, but she really changed my perspective to 'just do it', even if it's not some grand gesture, a little goes a long way for someone that is in need.

Being there around the dogs and seeing all the photographs of the dogs and cats that were rescued, I am thankful today for my dog, Star. She's 12 years old and I have had her since college. She's precious to me, underbite, crusty eyes, short snout with a little ball obsession and all!

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  1. I love Star!! She definitely has OCD with her balls....but they make her happy!!!