Cheapo Craft/Gift for Kids

Hopefully this will be a start of a several "cafting" blog entries. I did a lot of that over the holidays and I'll start to share some.

Here's some zipper pulls I did for Jaden's preschool class for Christmas. I, personally, don't like the typical pencils, magnet, eraser, hershey kiss goodie bag idea, so this somehow popped in my head to do.

You can find this bag of letter beads at Hobby Lobby for around $2-$3 and I always have my 40% off coupon.
Then, I just had the flimsy, plastic threading with the pony beads. I picked up some of the lanyard hooks and Voila. There were plenty of letters in the bag to do this plus MANY left over.
Pretty cute, huh?

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  1. will be doing this on Saturday for Jordan's princess party. thanks for the cute and easy idea! love it!