Crafting Part 2 - Necklaces

Crafting - Necklaces

I found this craft how-to here on Martha Stewart.com. They used a lot bigger beads than I wanted, so I went for a tiny wooden light colored bead.
I went away for a girls weekend with my high school girlfriends and we all crafted. This is what I accomplished and actually ended up loving it, kind of a rarity after I try some new craft project. (the one on the right)
(The one on the left) I ended up making for my sister-in-law April while we were in Asheville a few weekends back. She loved my necklace and I had bought the pendant with her in mind.


  1. Oh my gosh i love these! I am going to have to make one now.

  2. Wore my necklace this past weekend while at work and got so many compliments (I loved sharing that it was made just for me from you!). One lady starting scanning the store, asking where she could find one for herself. :-) Thanks so much!