Crafting Part 3 - Applique

Crafting - Applique & TuTus

I wanted to post this a while ago, but didn't want to spoil any Christmas surprises.

I got into appliques a while back when I did a couple for jaden. Click here for post.

This was probably the first Christmas present idea that I had and I finished it way ahead of time. It felt GOOD!
I made cute little applique pink shirts and matching tutus for my nieces Jordan and Kate. The tutus are so simple to create. Just a piece of elastic, sewn together. Tulle cut into strips, doubled over and tied in the middle of the strip around the elastic. I just did 2 white strips and then 1 pink.

Take a look:


  1. What great gifts! I made Mallory one a while back and Jana made one for Ella!! FUN! As a mom, I would have loved for my kids to receive these kinds of gifts!!!!!!!!!

  2. GIRL!! That is GORGEOUS - your creative abilities NEVER cease to amaze me...let me know if you have time...I'll pay you to make one for my Carmen... =) Happy New Year, Joy!