Crafting Part 4 - Felt Food

This is one of those projects that I just fell in love with. I enjoyed googling about it and finding free patterns. I also enjoyed testing them out and seeing if it would work. However, it was one of those projects during the Holiday rush, that had to give. I wanted to make Jaden a whole lot of food. They are fairly cheap to make too. I just bought the little felt squares at craft stores that are 4/$1 and a handful of embroidery thread.
The doughnut I made first and it was pretty simple. Actually they all were pretty simple. I couldn't get the bread to the PB&J sandwich exactly how I wanted but those will do. Jaden LOVES breakfast food hence the poptart, eggs and bacon.
I liked working with the felt b/c it doesn't fray, stretch and it's pretty thick. Some straight sewing and stuffing and VOILA.

You can find patterns and felt food all over Esty.com. And here's a sight that has a whole mess of links right there together.

Poptart, Eggs, Doughnut, PB&J, Bacon (clockwise)

Embroidery Floss made the sprinkles on the doughnut and french knots as sprinkles on the PopTart. Stuffing in both.
Eggs and Bacon are pretty straight forward. Stuffing in the eggs and I pulled the threading a little tight for the bacon to make it crinkle.
Bread is just cut out, stuffed and stitched together. The PB&J are just plain cutouts, single sheet.
Probably my favorite. So easy. Stitched down the side, turned inside out. Basted the top and pulled the thread tight to close. A few stitches for the single sheet cut out leaves.


  1. Girl - those are FABULOUS! Love them!

  2. i dont see anything on here about camping in snowy sub-freezing conditions...