My friend Lori came over the other day and brought us some homemade playdough. We've played with 'Playdoh' quite a bit here at our house, but we actually ended up liking the homemade version more!!
So, I was stumped on an idea of what to do for Jaden's birthday favors for his preschool class. Voila!
I'm actually going to try my hand at posting tutorial style, inspired by a blog I read, Pioneer Woman.
So here it goes...
Homemade Playdough

you will need: Flour, Salt, Water, Oil, Cream of Tartar & Food Coloring

Throw it all in a saucepan

NOTATION: the burner was NOT on when I took this picture, I repeat NOT on.

Let cook over low/medium heat until it starts peeling away from the edges of the pan.

Let cool, then put on counter or wax paper.

Now, the "recipe" calls to add your food coloring when you mix everything together at the very beginning. However, I wanted to make 4 different colors for the favors, so I divided the dough and added the drops and kneaded until uniform.

A beating from a 2-almost-3-yr-old will do the trick too.

The 4 colors:

Divided up into 8 little favor bags (probably a lot cuter and more festive in nice air tight containers, but I'm going thrift here)

Now just add a label with the recipe and Voila - Cheapo Favors!!

Cost -
Flour - $1.50, Salt $0.38, Cream of Tartar $1.88, Oil - on hand, Food Coloring - on hand
Time - Start to Finish WITH a 2 year old - 35 minutes.

Jaden’s Birthday Playdough

Flour - 3 cups
Water - 3 cups
Salt - 1 ½ cups 

Vegetable Oil - 2 Tbsp
Cream of tartar - 1 Tbsp
Food coloring

Mix ALL of the ingredients in a large saucepan.
Cook over medium low heat, until the dough comes away 
from the edges of the pan and it becomes difficult to move the spoon. Remove from heat. Cool until it can be handled.
Place on counter or wax paper, knead 3-4 times.
 Store in an air tight container.

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