11 years ago

11 years ago I said "I do" and I've been loving it ever since! I broke out the wedding album this morning for a trip down memory lane. I thought I would share it here.

Central Church of God
March 6, 1999

And you know what I love the most? That I truly feel, we still are like this.....we totally would do this today!

My biggest regret - everyone knows it - the big, bodacious baby's breath around my poor bridesmaid's heads. Oh, I'm so sorry. I mean, if the homemade dresses weren't enough.... I love each and everyone one of these girls and am so thankful they still talk to me.

And of course everyone I know has called Sean and me "obsessed" at one point or another, here is a reminder that we were married around on the basis too! The Groom's Cake.
It was an ice cream cake too!
We did even ask if we could play a song of theirs for our exit out of the church, somehow that didn't happen.....hmmmm.

Happy Anniversary Love! You still make me smile when you walk into a room.



  1. Happy Anniversary! ELEVEN years. That makes ME happy!

  2. I love that he still makes you smile when he walks in a room! i hope he always does!

  3. I was just looking at this and Ella came in the room, so I told her there you are on your wedding day and there's mommy. "where" she asks. Right there, I say. Then she says..."You look weird. Are you wearing a wig?" :-)