Did you play with them when you were young? Boy, I did. I loved them. My sisters didn't really take to them, though.
Skylar didn't, but Jaden.....man oh man. He plays with them every.single.day for hours on end. And, honestly, it occupies me too, still. It's just wide open imagination at its best! We build everything from a gas station fully equipped with tools and cars to 7 different boats to houses, 2 story houses with gardens and trees to animals and fences. Last night he stacked every single brick he had in a perfect square and then put all the "special" pieces on top.
He just cannot get enough of his Legos and these aren't the "toddler" Duplo legos, these are the 4+ regular legos.

JJ's Gas Station

This was a forklift that we built and he refused to break down for days. It slept beside him on his table for 3 nights. He even took it to school, he was so proud of it!

Legos make me happy!

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