Big Girl

I know she's growing up, but sometimes it just really hits me way more than others. As a lot of you know, she is in Brownies and participated in selling Girl Scout cookies this year. I was never involved in GS so I didn't know what it was like or what to expect. It's a pretty big commitment and a good bit of responsibility for a 6 year old, but she was amazing with it!
She has learned so much from it too. Things like: learning about the cookies and then learning how to tell people what she is doing - communication skills - then taking the orders and informing them of how much, when they will be in, when to pay etc. -organization skills- She also came up with different people and places to sell them -brainstorming skills- She learned about deadlines, when to turn her orders in. Then we went to pick up the cookies and was very excited about it and so cute to see the look on her face when she saw "all the boxes" in person of what she had sold. We then got home and she wrote a 'thank you' note to all those who bought from her and we got together the orders and put them in different piles. I would call out the type of cookie to get and she put the order together. It was really a great parent/child thing. She was VERY into it, which says a lot about Skylar, if you know her at all.
We tonight went out and delivered the cookies. Yes, it was FRIGID, but my daughter was excited and ready and not once complained. She had her heavy red coat covered in hearts on and her Brownie sash over it. I asked her if she wanted me to walk with her to doors and she said, "No, I got it". She would sprint up to the doors and collect her money and sprint back to the car. I was secretly very pleased with her decision to let me stay in the warmed up car - holes in my jeans and bedroom slippers-. She collected the money, told who to make the check out to and was sure to say 'thank you', even remembered which neighbor had already paid beforehand. What a trooper. I'm very proud of her for taking the efforts and following through.


  1. Love what the Girl Scouts teach! Amazing how your girl is growing up. I LOVE this picture of her with all the cookies. Priceless!!

  2. I think she has found her thing....I'm very proud of you Skylar!