Well, we set off on Memorial Day for another backpacking adventure. A lot different from the last one. The temperatures were nice and pleasant and we actually hiked the planned route from last time.
We dropped the kids off at my parents and headed to Mt Rogers in Virginia. We followed the AT for most of the time. There are multiple parks right there together, Jefferson National Park, Mt Rogers National Park, Grayson Highlands State Park etc. Which in turn makes it a pretty popular place, at least on Memorial Day. I've never been where a camping spot is hard to come by. If there was one boy scout troop there were 50! However, both nights we ended up in two really nice spots, away from people. We in total hiked around a 22 mile loop. Really a nice trip.
Our friends Brandon and Katie joined us, Katie's first time although you wouldn't have known it. We also found out she's a speed hiker, which I personally like.

Our 'before' picture at my parent's house with our bags all neatly packed and our clean selves.

a stop along the trail in Grayson Highlands

In the Grayson Highlands State Park they have population of wild ponies. Not so sure 'wild' would be a proper name for them as they are very friendly and some pretty aggressive for something to eat. But most are very beautiful, something about roaming free brings beauty to something for me.

First night's camp. A spectacular view and lush grass underneath, which we termed 'the Shire'.

The classic every-trip-self-portrait.

At the very end of the trail. We were all like horses heading to the barn. It started to pour on us the minute we go to the truck. Ahhhhh.

And when we returned back to my parent's house, we had awaiting us the meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, slaw, sweet tea and okra. Another Ahhhhhh.

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