jaden's done

Jaden's done with school for the summer. (insert wincing face) Have I mentioned that he talks incessantly? Literally. And the word "why" is only spoken 5, 492 times a day, I'm sure of it.


–noun 1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, like.

well, let's just say, I'm working on the "without complaint, loss of temper, irritation" part. Is there a cross-eyed smiley to put here? He does make me smile a whole lot too though. Like one morning on the way out the door, I happen to notice his fanatical self.

At his preschool they have "beach day".

can you tell he was ready for it?

shooting whip cream off the director's nose.

His favorite part.....the fire truck hosing down the kids. I think he will talk about this for the rest of his childhood. He would tell anyone that would listen the story about the "firemen squirting the water in the air and it got me soaked".

His good buddy Mylee.

My little Thing 1


  1. Aren't the differences in boys and girls AMAZING? (In good and bad ways!) He is a hoot! Love the picture of him on the trike with his hat and bag and sunglasses!

  2. Love his beach day wear!


  3. FINALLY!! It's been forever since your etsy post. I'll wear Jaden out (or my children will) as best I can tomorrow and he probably won't even remember the word "why" after we leave, he'll be exhausted.

  4. what a smile on that one! he is definitely a world-brightener. "why" is perhaps the hardest part of my day, and so often i don't have the answers to the very interesting questions. thanks for the posts.

  5. Good to have you back!!! Love the pics of JJ!!

  6. Thanks for posting....hope it won't be so long next time!! Love the story and pics as always!