This post has been in the works for months. Sad, I know. Even more sad that I'm now just getting around to posting it now that school is pretty much over. Oh well.

So....for both of my kids I pack lunches most every school day. I know I am known as 'Ms Green' but I absolutely just cringe when I see ALL the trash that is produced out of lunches! There are probably 5 baggies and some kind of juice container PER lunch thrown away. For a while now, I've packed my kids 'trash free' lunches. I don't know what fueled what, but I also have a love for small, itsy bitsy containers, so this helps.
For the visual here are a few pictures.

A little background about these:
The Japanese are known for their extravagant lunch creations and packing. Just google 'bento lunch' and you'll be amazed! So, we were in San Fran for none other than a Crowes run and we always stay in Japantown. There is this store that probably an equivalent to a dollar store of such, but with ALL Japanese trinkets. A lot of them aided in the bento lunch making. I can't even begin to describe what you could buy for just the art of making a pretty lunch.
Anyways, they had these awesome containers there and I loaded up and it has made this 'trash free' lunch a breeze. All dishwasher safe.

Here again, with the addition of the reusable Wendy's Kids Meal Chocolate Milk container. They are perfect for lunches!

This is another thing I picked up, a bento lunchbox. I heart it.

Close it all up and presto!

This is a container I bought from a school fundraiser. It has the nifty dip portion in the middle.

Maybe on another day, I'll show my cabinet where all these are stored - yikes, maybe not.


  1. I love this post! I was a Bento lunch packer long before it was cool! We had Bento containers back in the 80's! G's favorite Bento lunch was a muffin, cheese cubes, yogurt and fruit!! My kids were never sandwich eaters! For B, I rolled ham or turkey up with cheese and stuck a spaghetti noodle in it to hold it together. The spaghetti noodle was soft by lunchtime and he ate that too! (He would have used a skewer as a sword!) Still have a few of those Bento containers with little individual compartments! I was Green before it was cool I guess! (Now, not so much:( )

    Love your new blog look!

  2. YO! i have that little green/yellow container with the dip center. miles LOVES it for carrots and 1Kisland. i initially bought it b/c of the color but now love it for it's usability!