I just stumbled across this website www.inhabitat.com. I love it because it's a very cause worthy site and right up my alley as far as conserving and re-using minded. They held this contest - Spring Greening Competition - they were "looking for creative and clever designs that find new uses for old household items" Ultra Creative people just really blow my mind! This type of re-purposing art and yes it's art - intrigues me, captures me, inspires me and absolutely blows my mind. For days I'll look at things in a new light, but my brain does not think like that so no "design" will come of it, but I do welcome the change of perspective. Here's the link to the finalist for this contest: FINALIST
but I'll post some below as well if you don't want to take the time.

I've seen this done with license plates, but I like this new twist on mundane everyday items:

This is incredible - pop ends from soda cans! As they said, it gives something with such a short life span, some newer long-lasting purpose.

This pendant light is made from a school dining hall's yogurt bottles! WOW! Retro Modern.

Okay, this one is probably my favorite! National Geographic Magazines turned into a shelf!! the "how-to": "coated the magazines with a a water/starch mixture and then he placed them under pressure for about a week to harden. Next he took a band saw to the consolidated stack and carved out space for a shelf. Holes were also cut into the bookshelf’s sides, allowing it to slide onto three rods to be hung. About 80 mags were used."

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  1. the NatGeo shelf is AMAZING...my other finalist fave is the light bulb turned bud vase. so cute and quirky.