This is probably a really stupid post, but here it goes anyways.
I've gotten numerous comments on the way I store sheets. I love it b/c it keeps all 4 parts together and it looks neat too!

Instead of this:

Open one pillowcase and insert the other 3 parts:

Push all the way to the bottom of the pillowcase and then fold over the remainder:

Then fold over the top part of the pillowcase, I fold under the open part too:

Then flip over and you get a nice, organized looking storage for sheets:

Yeah, yeah, I did get this idea from Martha Stewart.


  1. I wonder why no one ever asks me about the way I store my sheets? :)

  2. love it. will definitely be using this idea. thanks. cute sheets, too!

  3. This is great! I'm definitely doing this from now on.

  4. I have seen this before on Martha but thank you for the reminder. I am going to do this! Thanks. Happy 4th!

  5. I told you that you were Martha Stewart. And you admitted it! :)

  6. LOVED your last three posts. Really. Joe did too.