MS 150

So I posted a little while back that Sean was training and participating in the MS150 Ride to the Beach.  Well, he completed it, not just 150 miles but 200!  The double century they called it.  They started out in Monroe and rode to Florence, SC on Saturday and then on Sunday it was from Florence to Sunset Beach. 

The only 3 on Team 5/3 to do the Double Century (Larry, Andy & Sean)

Start in Monroe
 Yes, that is a whole lot of males in spandex.  A little visually disturbing for me, but I just kept my eyes on the prize, my prize. (below)

Jaden and I were the taxi for Sean and two of his teammates (5/3 Bank Team), Andy and Larry.  We shuttled them back and forth from the start/end points to the hotel and back home.  Jaden was a trooper.  He rode like a champ for many hours in the car and also was super thrilled to see all the riders and to be around Dada, Larry and Andy.  I don't think I've ever seen him so hyper before, literally.  He had this unending energy and excitement.  I'm sure it was an adventure for him - bikes, hotels, Krispy Kreme, etc. 

Sean's ride was personal.  His uncle died from MS and his aunt currently lives with it. 
He has raised $935!  His goal is $1000.  So if you feel led to donate to a great cause you can visit his site HERE

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  1. YEH for Sean!!! I am always so glad to see riders and what they do!!!!